Hotel Massive

We're building the hotel of the future.
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The Concept

We're developing the hotel of the future. Our open-source hotel will revolutionize co-living design and architect new ways of co-working for billions of digital nomads and micro-entrepreneurs by 2035.

Hike in, or Space in

To prevent overtourism, our hotel will be developed in a remote location only accessible by hiking across vast mountain ranges. Visitors will also be able to land from space on our rocketpad.

Built for the future of work

Global WiFi will be powered by low Earth orbit satellites from OneWeb to ensure influencers can Instagram Live every sunset in 4k, flawlessly.

ASMR Deep Sleep Pods

High fidelity AI-powered ASMR 'deep sleep' pods will allow you to recharge your mind and body in as little as 2 hours, re-energizing to the soothing sounds of Eating Raw Honeycomb and Zen Garden.

Launching in 2035

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